Next Giveaway-Organised or Messy ?

Do you have a sewing/craft room/area that you use to create your masterpieces?
Are you an organised sewer/crafter or is your stuff everywhere?

Send us a picture to and we will put them up on the blog, then we will open up the polls and the person with the most votes will win a great prize for having the most interesting craft area.
The winner will receive a sewing pack valued at $100.
We will collect pictures over the next few weeks then we will set up a voting poll.
Please feel free to leave comments below also.
Don't be shy, we will happily post the picture as Anonymous if you would prefer (just indicate in your email).
We will also be giving away random prizes along the way, so send us your pic today! You could win!
Competition is open worldwide to all crafty people, from beginners to the experts, whatever your choice of craft!
Here is a sneak peak of a few of the entries so far. We will add the rest on 15th Feb ( so be sure to get your pics to before then)and then open the voting poll until 25th February.
Oh, and don't forget to follow our blog while you are here.

2. Belinda’s Sewing Room

3. Di's Shelves, with help from her daughter


4. Stephanie's Before and After - With baby Bubble supervising her efforts


5. Maria's Craft Room - Beads, Magazines, Crystals and Suncatchers



  1. I'm definitely a messy sewer. I like to spread out. My stuff is everywhere. Must get a pic for you!

    comfortjoydesigns AT gmail DOT com

  2. I'm definitely a messy person. Like to multi-task and collect things. This trait doesn't go well with being organized & neat, but I have this on my New Year's resolution to work on. If I can clean up in time I'll send a photo. I'm afraid if I took a photo today and shared, your followers would have a heart attack!


  3. Have sent you an email with the 'after' pix. Trying to be organised this year,

  4. I'm totally messy but it's not entirely by choice. We live in a very dinky house right now so my laundry room multi-tasks as my "crafty storage" room too. It's a sad sad state of affairs. SCG, there's NO way yours is worse than mine. LOL.

  5. Yay... at the moment my space is the tidiest it has ever been as it is ALL packed away ready ready to move. Organisation comes and goes as I am always changing my space. I recently colour a coordinated all my buttons and displayed them... so simple and effect better still organised... Can't wait to see more messiness!!!

    xo Steph

  6. Maria, do you think you could pop over to my place and tidy up my sewing room! I'm very impressed with your level of organisation! (Must find camera under sewing stuff in order to take photo - LOL!!)

  7. Oops! I'm voting for no. 5 - Maria!

  8. Fantastic contest! Thanks for the chance to take part!! I am a follower and have sent you a mail with a photo of my craft corner in the bedroom(grandly named 'Studio'!).

  9. I think my craft room is “somewhere in between” the 2, some days it’s messy and some days it’s messier! thanks for the chance to win and to have a peek at other crafty rooms.
    cheers Rose

  10. i vote for 2 mine LOL it looks cool now that it's finished