Friends: Introducing Rosalie Quinlan

Today we take great pleasure in introducing you to Rosalie Quinlan, designer of all manner of gorgeous quilting, embroidery and sewing projects through Rosalie Quinlan Designs and Melly & me.

Tell us about you
I am a wife and mother of three who is blessed enough to run my design and pattern business from home. I love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else. I am also a passionate reader who feels lost if I don't have a great book on the go and at least another three in the "to read" pile.

How did Rosalie Quinlan Designs come about?
I have been crafty from a very early age and was taught most of what I know from my Mother and Grandmother. I continued to craft into adulthood and decided to have a regular craft market stall when I was home with my young ones. It was not long before I started getting questions from the market customers about which patterns I was using to create my dolls and quilts and bags. I told them that they were my own designs and they asked if I would consider selling my patterns so they could also make these items. It went from there and in 1996 I started my own label of patterns.

Tell us about your products
I like to design patterns for things that I believe everyone should have in their lives. Personalised and original bags, dolls and quilts. Nothing shows how much a person cares more than a hand made gift. I try to make inspiring designs so others will also want to create them.
What is your favorite product?
I think my favourite pattern I ever created was "A Bucket-full of Angels". It is the cutest little florists basket filled with four sweet angels of different sizes and personalities.

Where do you find inspiration for new products/designs?
I am usually inspired by fabrics and notions. Vintage wallpaper and buttons are also high on the inspirations list. I look at them and the designs seem to flow (on a good day!)

What does the future hold for Rosalie Quinlan Designs?
I am really excited to be working on my second range of fabric with LECIEN, Japan. After the success of my first range; "Grandmother's Flower Garden", I have been asked to design another and I am quite excited about it. Designing fabric has been my life's dream so it is very rewarding to have that opportunity at this point in my life. I am also starting another book in conjunction with my sister Melanie under our label, Melly & me. If you didn't already know, I am the "me" in Melly & me. We have a great time together and our stitching careers bring us even closer as sisters.

To read more about Rosalie, visit the Rosalie Quinlan Designs blog. To see more of Rosalie's inspiring designs, check out the great range of patterns and designs in store at The Oz Material Girls and Patterns Only.