Making Perfectly Shaped Hats: Featuring Toni of Make It Perfect Patterns

When Louise asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post for the Oz Material Girls blog I thought it would be a good time to share a few tips to help you make perfectly shaped hats.

From time to time I get emails from people sewing either my Lazy Day Hat or About A Boy cap patterns who are having trouble attaching the band to the crown of the hat without getting puckers in the band. This is REALLY easy to do. I’m a big fan of shortcuts in sewing, but this is one of those times when you can’t afford to take any shortcuts and need to be very particular with following the instructions.

First of all, get your crown and band pieces ready. Mine have stiffener basted to the wrong side already (I used a light blue thread to baste).

The next thing you need to do is take both your crown and band pieces and fold them into quarters and mark the quarter points with pins.
Take your band piece and making sure that you are working at the TOP edge of the band, cut small snips (no more than 1/2'” long) around the top edge of the band. The more snips you cut, the easier it will be to join the band to the crown. I usually leave about ½” between my snips. Don’t worry if you cut through your basting stitch.
With the right sides together, place the top, snipped edge of your band and outside edge of your crown together. Match up pins at each quarter mark so that your band is distributed evenly around the crown.
This next step is one you can’t afford to skip…pin the remainder of the band and crown edges together using LOTS and LOTS of pins. The more the merrier here…it will make a huge difference to your finished hat. When you are pinning, you may need to gently stretch either the band or the crown a little to make sure that there is no excess fabric when you reach each quarter mark pin.
Sew slowly around the pinned edge, once again making sure that you are careful there is no excess fabric when you reach each pin.
And that’s it! Here is the pucker-free band from the outside.
And a picture of the finished cap (yes, About A Boy is girl-friendly!!!)
I hope that you find this tutorial helpful…I love questions and feedback so feel free to ask away!

Thank you so much Toni for sharing your wisdom and experience with us. Why not check out the range of Make It Perfect patterns in store at Patterns Only? You will find an adorable range of clothes and accessories suitable for children of all ages and versatile clothing pieces for adults.

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