Introducing Natalie Ross In Stitches

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Natalie of Natalie Ross in Stitches, a designer with a passion for creating patterns to suit every level of stitcher :)

Tell us about you
I consider myself to be a bit nutty!! I am forever the optimist and love a glass half full attitude! Love colour, have a gigantic sweet tooth, couldn't live without my animals and must have music in my day everyday! Love living near the ocean. Always have and always will. It's feeds the soul and keeps me balanced. Well it tries too anyway. LOL!

How did Natalie Ross in Stitches come about?
I started a business called Whimsical Folke designing mainly cloth dolls nearly 10 years ago. I was designing and distributing my patterns in the same way as I am now but after 5 years of running that I took a 2 year break and went into a shop with a business partner. That was not to be and I decided to just design for the magazines and teach for a while. Being a wildly creative person that didn't last long and the itch to design patterns returned and so I started Natalie Ross in Stitches.

Tell us about your products
I love to design just about anything as long as it involves sewing and using the gorgeous fabrics that are on offer. My roots are with cloth dolls but I very much enjoy designing quilts, bags and sewing accessories. Just about anything. I also stay mindful of who will be making my designs so I like to keep them achieveable for all skill levels and that way all crafters can enjoy creating for themselves and their friends and family.

What is your favorite product?
Hmmmmmm! that's a tough one. Can I have 2? My favourite products would have to be Ladybirds on Patrol quilt and Blossom Creek BOM. I enjoyed every minute of designing and making them and they did what they were told. LOL! No problems along the way.....................

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?
I get my inspiration from all sorts of things. It could be just in a fabric, I could think up a cool design name or see or hear something funny and a vision pops into my head and away I go! See......I am a bit nutty!! :-)

What does the future hold for Natalie Ross in Stitches?
I wish I knew!! I just move forward with what I am doing and enjoy the fact that I love what I do and can make a living from it. It is hard work but I am extremely passionate about colour and design. Always have been. I am always looking out for new paths to open up along the way and as long as I can apply my designs to whatever comes along I will be a happy camper! Who know what's around the corner...................... :-) Lots of opportunities to create I hope.

You can check out the fantastic Natalie Ross in Stitches range at Patterns Only . Pop back tomorrow when Natalie shares a tutorial explaining her process for machine blanket stitching, perfect for those who want to get the most out of their sewing machine.