Introducing Susan Hocking

Today we have great pleasure in introducing Susan from By Suse Hocking a new Aussie Designer
Tell us about you
My Name is Susan Hocking and I am a SAHM to my two gorgeous daughters, Natalie (almost 5 years) and Angellaphoto
(19 months) and married for 6.5 years to my wonderful hubby Daniel. We live out on Acreage in the Gold Coast Hinterland, which does wonders for the creative spirit in me. I am a qualified primary school teacher, but never really started teaching as I had Natalie straight after university. I have always been into some kind of craft from a very young age, something I see emerging in Natalie already, and I just don't think I would be me if I wasn't doing some kind of creative thing. And of course, I am never happy doing just one craft...I do many...scrapbooking, photography, sewing, crochet...I just love it!
How did By Suse Hocking come about?
Ever since I had Natalie I have wanted to be able to "support my craft habit" through what I do...I tried a lot of different avenues...selling cards at markets was probably my first attempt...not so successful, as were many other ventures I attempted...then I discovered that I could explain how to make the things I make really well and, inspired by so many Australian designers, like Janelle Wind, Melly and Me, Rosalie Quinlan and Natalie Lymer (Cinderberry Stitches) I decided to start designing patterns.
Tell us about your products
I only have a very small pattern range at the moment (4 patterns to be exact) but I love each one...I don't have a preference for anything, such as only designing bags etc...but I enjoy different things. Of course, being the person I am enjoying many different crafts, By Suse Hocking has since expanded into making kids clothes and accessories and other little knick knacks which I sell at you never know what you will find at By Suse Hocking.

 What is your favourite product?
I don't really have a favourite...I love each one...I guess if you ask me straight after I have finished a design then that one would be my favourite...until I finished the next one.
Where do you find inspiration for new products/designs?SH001a
Everywhere! I know most people say that...but I guess it is true for everyone...Usually it comes from a need in my home or a friends home, such as my Angella's Wish quilt daughter needed a quilt, as it gets really cold here...and my Ruby Ruffles bag was because I wanted a handbag and nappy bag in one as she got older...and then I also get ideas from the books I read. I love novels set in the 1800's and my Ruby Ruffles bag idea came from that...I could just imagine what the dress bodices might have looked like back then, and then applied that to a bag. I always keep my eyes open as I never know what might jump out and inspire me next.
What does the future hold for By Suse Hocking
Really, I don't know...I would hope that I would be able to add some new fun and fresh designs in the next little while...and you never know what opportunities may arise...I am just taking it one day at a time :)
You can check out the range of patterns by Suse Hocking at Patterns Only