Creative Challenge #2 Winner


The next winner of our Creative Challenge was the lovely Kylie from Sew fun by Kylie.

Kylie won fabrics from the gorgeous Woodlands range by Natalie Lymer, and used the Ashbury Peasant Dress Pattern by Monkey Bugs to make a devine dress for her lucky little girl.

Kylie took some fabulous pictures along the way and has also provided lots of helpful hints

Woodlands Peasant Dress - Using the Monkeysbug Ashbury Peasant Top
(extended into a dress)

Here's all the lovely fabrics ready to use......eeeeeeek - do I really have to cut it!!


Pheww - all cut out and ready to stitch.


Firstly I attach both front and back Bands to the Bodice pieces

next the sleeves (this one is short sleeves) are attached to the 2 bodice pieces.

Then sew up the side seams on the top half - I use the overlocker for 90% of this dress, making it a very quick and easy style to stitch!

Turn it out and then press the seams out - top stitch the band piece along the top edge to strengthen and to add a finished look!


Next is the Skirt piece - this is the full width of the fabric + two extra panels (next time I would use more width in the skirt so I can gather it up more - more twirly that way) which I have placed so they can be see front and back (not centred on the sides) I've made the top pattern longer into a dress - it works so easily - just measure the length you want accordindingly. My daughter is pretty average height, so I just used .5 M length of fabric and it turned out to be the perfect length. Using the overlocker again to gather the top of the skirt pieces. Then pulled and gathered to make the skirt a perfect fit to the top / bodice pieces.


Press and stitch the casing for the elastic - I find using a spray starch helps heaps with holding the pressed seams in place for a neat and professional casing.
Elastic going in - shirring would also work great with this pattern!


Now just the bottom hem to go and I decided that a little contrast Binding would add that finishing



Love it - I'm just about to cut out more of these and make some more - they are such a fun and pretty
Cheers Kylie