Easter Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt
We are giving away a treasure of prizes in our Annual Easter Hunt,…all you need to do is join our Facebook Page and check each day starting tomorrow for the daily clue, hop around our website and find the bunny rabbit and his eggs as shown in the picture below, which we will hide in the listings ( the clues will help you find the actual listing)
Listing Graphic Egg Hunt
Then at the end of the hunt ( which runs for 7 days) submit all your answers to ozmaterialgirls@gmail.com (Please do not leave the answers for the clues given on this blog post as they will be deleted .)We will then find out who has all the correct answers and randomly draw prizes from the winners.

We will also be having spot prizes and games along the way….for the spot prizes you will need to leave your answers on this blog post below not on facebook – first correct answer wins in the spot prizes.

So head over to our
Facebook Page ( make sure you have “liked” the page) and watch out for the first clue ( a list will also be updated below) You can ask any questions on our Facebook Page, if you missed the question or need a hint!
List of Prizes
1st Prize – Patterns & Fabrics valued at $100
2nd Prize - $50 Fabric/Pattern Pack
3rd Prize – TOMG Goodie Bag
- Assorted Patterns
- Gift Vouchers to spend on our website
- 4” Charm Square Packs
Total Prize Pool Over $400 in prizes and vouchers
Starts Good Friday , 6th April, and ends Friday 13th April at 12.00 Midnight ( all entries must be submitted by this time ) Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page

Head over to our websites for all the answers
( we will indicate if on The Oz Material Girls or Patterns Only in the clue)
(Find the Bunny & His Eggs from the clues below, please submit all together in 1 go at the end of the hunt)

  • Clue 4 –Went to see in a beautiful pea green boat
    ( go to www.patternsonly.com to find this answer)

  • Clue 5 - That layered Apple cake is delicious
( go to www.theozmaterialgirls.com to find this answer)

  • Clue 6 – Tick Tock, it’s Craft O’Clock
( go to www.patternsonly.com to find this answer)

  • Clue 7 – Bag a Bargain…It’s Good!
( go to www.theozmaterialgirls.com to find this answer)

1st Prize ......Amanda Petersen
2nd Prize.......Ness Tuckett
3rd Prize ..... Kylie Weber

Additional Spot Prizes of Charm Squares and Patterns go to the following entrants
Natasha Davies
Mel Mosley
Jo-Anne Gorski 
Shona MacDonald
Carmel Morris
Tiffany Leaney
Samantha De Gouveia 
Patsy McBurney
 Tamara Bell
Kate Bevan 

Please email ozmaterialgirls@gmail.com if you are a winner!

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our Easter Hunt... we were overwhelmed by the response, so as a special thank you to the over 150 of you that entered, we would love to offer you all a $5 gift voucher to spend on our website if you did not win a prize above . If you played along and submitted your answers, please email to redeem your voucher ( just put $5 Easter as the title of the email)