Breaking News…. The Oz Material Girls hit 10,000 likers



Well what an exciting day for all of us at TOMG …… To celebrate we are kicking of a HUGE Party starting on Friday night with lots of giveaways and fun planned for 2 weeks, you can join our event here. We would also like to thank Tammy Steele who was our 10,000th liker, please email us so we can send you a little gift


TOMG are thrilled to celebrate 10,000 likers on our main Facebook page... it has been a lot of fun getting there and we have met so many amazing people along the way, many which have become like old friends.

We joined Facebook in 2008 and to be honest, while not a big fan at the time, I knew we "had" to have a page set up . There wasn't much interaction in the beginning, but once I got the FB bug it came along in leaps and bounds. We still see many familiar faces dropping in who were with us from the early days which we really appreciate .

We launched our 2nd page TOMG's $1 Auctions in 2010. This is our dedicated SALE Page where we run "$1 Auctions and Buy It Now Sales".... this has also proved very popular with almost 7,000  likers to date…. I can see another big celebration soon Smile

At the end of 2010 we launched our 'Patterns Only' Facebook Page. 'Patterns Only' is the little sister to TOMG and I have a definite soft spot for this business. It evolved after a dream I had and I am so proud of where it has come in such a short time

As we get closer to our next milestone of our 8th birthday celebration I have many people to thank for helping me out along the way and being a part of our team.

Firstly, my mum Judy who is the other half of TOMG. Judy is the head packer, stacker, cutter and without her our headquarters would be a nightmare. She works tirelessly to keep stock in order, orders packed and sent out within record time and also gets my breakfast almost everyday - yes, I know I am spoilt :)

Next come our hubbies, who have been there since the start and help out whenever we ask them to. Both Mark and Nigel are now very skilled at folding, cutting, packing and making coffees!!!

The rest of the crew consists of Megan, Natalie, Jac, Shaz, Sheree, Jo, and our 2 guest bloggers Gemma and Melissa. All these girls have worked closely with me and have all proven to be amazing additions to TOMG.

So please come and join our celebrations, as a thank you to you for sharing our journey.

We appreciate each and every one of you.

Happy Stitching