Do Your Block

Do Your Block


How would you like to ‘DO YOUR BLOCK’? If you love to sew, or would love to try then WE NEED YOU!

The aim of the game is to make quilts to donate to those in our community that would benefit from them the most and YOU get to choose who they are!

We’ll be seeking nominations for people that may need a lift or charities that could do with a boost. You will be able to post their links on our FB status and will pick the worthy recipients.

We’re hoping to co-ordinate 3 quilts to start with – a boys, girls and adults. If you are able to spare some time and a bits of fabric to make a simple square in a square quilt block (we’ll post a tutorial) then comment ‘I’d love to DO MY BLOCK’ over on our facebook post .

We also need some helpers that are willing and able to join and bind the blocks into quilts on behalf of us all. The Oz Material Girls will provide the wadding, backing fabric and binding for this.

So machines on and cutters at the ready… what do you say ladies, ready to DO YOUR BLOCK and quilt for a cause?

Please share with your friends and likers so we can get as many people involved as we can and stay tuned for all the details