Lets Sew Part 5 - Straight Stitching

Good Morning!!
We have now filled our bobbin, threaded the machine, attached the foot for the job and changed the needle - I guess we can't delay this any longer!!
We are going to use straight stitching.  Betsy has a nice little window where I can see that I have her set to straight stitch - I change the stitch selection by turning the dial on the side.

TIP:  Get a small scrap of fabric to act as a thread catcher - start sewing on the thread catcher and snip off when done and use over and over!!

Take a strip of fabric, line up the edge of the foot with the edge of the fabric and lower the foot. Watching the edge of the foot, start sewing on the thread catcher and when you move onto the fabric, sew about 3 stitches.  Holding the reverse button, stitch a couple of stitches and then release and sew the line, finishing with a couple of reverse stitches at the end.


Snip the thread catcher off and it is ready to go again!

Line the edge of your foot up with the stitch line you just made and go again, remembering to start and finish with a couple of reverse stitches.  Keep practising and you will soon be confident in sewing a straight line!!

Sometimes we need to sew 'around corners', so let's go!

TIP:  Don't start at the corner!

Start about 1"-2" before a corner.  Lower the Pressure foot lining up the edge of the foot with the edge of the fabric and sew till about the same distance from the other side (you may need to slow down a bit - no speed hogs allowed!!)

 Use your hand wheel to do the last couple of stitches, ending up with the needle still in the fabric.

 Lift the Pressure Foot, turn the fabric and lower the Pressure foot so that it is now ready to sew down the other side.

  Keep going until you have completed all corners.

 Start again and practice some more!

Well done!!

Until next time
Nanny  :)