Lets Sew Part 3 - Which foot first?

Put Your Best Foot Forward  - but which one????
To start our adventure, we are going to use the following foot:
You can see the wide opening that allows us to use straight stitching or zigzag without changing the foot.
If you check your feet, I'm sure you will find one that fits the bill (or should that be the leg??)
Let's attach our foot now!
To attach any foot on Betsy, I have to ensure that the Pressure Adjusting Lever is at level 3.  This is found in behind the Face Plate.  This stays set on 3 for regular stitching.

Note the Pressure Foot Lifter - Betsy has hers on the inner side but some machines have it at the back.  This we use to lift the foot so that we can change it over.
I turn the Balance Wheel to raise the needle to its highest position.
Betsy has a red button round back and when this is pressed, the foot falls off.  I then take the  foot that I'm going to use and sit it under the ankle grooves.
(I'm not kidding it really is called the ankle!! - where else would you join a foot??!)
The ankle grooves sit on the little bar and click into place when you lower the Pressure Foot Lifter .  Notice I said lower the Pressure Foot Lifter - don't let it clunk into place - be gentle!!

Just before I go, I realised that I forgot to introduce you to the Mother Machine -' Biddy'!  This was a 21st birthday present to Mum from Dad and yes, even though mum has a lovely name - Carmel Josephine - she has always been known as Bid!

So if you are sewing on a 'Biddy' you will have a foot that looks like this:

and it will do the job of straight sewing just as well as the newer one on Betsy!!

Until next time
Nanny :)

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