Designer Spotlight–Introducing Jen from Tie Dye Diva

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Tell us about you?


My name is Jen, I live in Northern California with my patient husband, 3 wonderful kids and a mostly-nice ginger tabby name Clementine. I've been selling my PDF sewing patterns online since 2007. Mostly, I design for babies and children, and love wearable designs that incorporate a touch of whimsy, like ruffled-bottom baby wear or tiny
hats with big flowers.

How did your business name come about?
I began my online craft endeavors selling hand-dyed clothing and playsilks in 2005 under the Tie Dye Diva name. I liked how the name incorporated both the free-spirited
nature of my designs (the 'tie dye' portion) and the elegant side as well (the 'diva' part!). I launched my first PDF sewing pattern in 2007 and discovered how much
I love teaching people to sew. I no longer dye but the Tie Dye Diva name has stuck!

Tell us about your products and which are your favourites and why?

         That's like choosing a favorite child! But OK. I love the ruffled baby bubble romper and the open back baby dress, both are very satisfying for beginners to sew and have a great      fit - there is nothing worse than expending the effort to make something by hand and having it not fit, right? I get more customer photos of those two than anything else. I'm also really fond of Sweet Summer Halter Dress because I just love the way that design came together with the curved straps, they make it really fun to combine fabrics.

5378492015_208f9b6395_bWhere do you find inspiration for new designs?

Everywhere!  Lately I've been enjoying the TV series Mad Men and taking notes on cute little vintage design elements I'd love to incorporate in my designs.

What does the future hold for you?
More of the same, if I am lucky! I love what I do and have a million more ideas for new patterns.

Thanks Jen, we have enjoyed getting to know you . You can view all of Jen’s patterns here

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