Let's Sew Part 13 - Sewing Room Project 6 - Pyramid Pouch

Good morning!!
Today we are going to make a pyramid pouch - a handy little storage pouch that you can keep threads, ribbons,tools or just whatever you can think of in a handy place!
What we need:

6 strips each 1.5" x 11.5"
Backing fabric rectanghle 11.5" x 6"
Rectangle of pellon 11" x 5.5"
a zip - longer than 6"
4 scrap squares  2" x 2"
Please note:  If you want to make a smaller pouch, I would recommend starting with 4 x squares (sides will be the desired height of your pyramid) instead of the large rectangle.  I have used the rectangle here to avoid another seam. (Any questions:  Just ask Nanny!!)
Let's sew!!
Using your 1/4" foot or all Purpose foot:
Take your strips and join in pairs.  Press. 

Then join together and Press.
Time to square up.
Take the pellon and centre it on the wrong side of the joined strips - press. (cover with a pressing cloth or flip over)
I'm thinking that for a change, I'm NOT going to stitch in the ditch today!  Instead I'm going to use a decorative stitch.  I selected number 17 on Betsy - a feather stitch and changed to my All purpose foot.
TIP: If you haven't tried a decorative stitch before, it's a good idea to get some scraps and try it out for stitch length etc.  I had to slide mine across to about 2.5
Sew down the centre of alternate strips.
Now the zip.  Trim the top of the zip back to the metal stays. 
Take 2 of your scrap squares and put one under and one over the end of the zip, matching edges.  Remember to pin through both sides of the zip to hold it together while you sew.  Stitch and press.
Now measure from the edge of the scrap fabric so that the length of the zip is 4.5" and mark with a pin.  

Take the other two scrap squares and once again, one under and one over, making the seam line where you just pinned.  Stitch .
Trim zip and press scrap squares back.
 Your finished zip with ends will now measure just over 6".  Trim the sides of the scrap squares to match the zip.

Change to your Zip Foot.
Take the stripped rectangle and place it right side up, place the zip right side down on the short side of the rectangle with the opener on the left, place the backing fabric right side down.  Sew along the zip, remembering to, with needle down , lift the foot and move the opener out of your way.  Fold back and press.

Now the other side - Take the right side of the lining (top arrow) to the back of the zip (middle arrow) and put the right side of the main fabric (bottom arrow)on top of the zip.  Stitch.  Press.
You will now have a cylinder like this:

The next step can be a bit tricky, but just take your time - you can do it!!
Use your Stitch in the Ditch Foot or all Purpose Foot and stitch either side of the zip - you will start to sew on the inside of the cylinder, re-positioning as you go.

You will now have this:



Turn your cylinder so that it looks like this:  Outer on the left, zip in the middle and inner on the right.

At the bottom of the zip, put a pin to mark each side and then bring the pins together with the zip in the middle

Stitch across the seam through all layers taking care as you cross the zip!

You will  now have this:

OPEN THE ZIP NOW!   Now pin the right sides of the outer together and on the other side of the zip, the right sides of the lining together. The zip teeth will face towards the lining (I tried to get a photo with the yellow pin)

This is also when you put your little ribbon or wrist strap in this seam -( mine is hanging down in the pouch with the edges in the seam under the pin)
Sew across the pinned seam, taking care as you cross the zip and leaving a space (about 2-3") open in the lining, for turning. (see pointer)

Trim all corners and at the zip and turn through.  Stitch the gap closed:

Tuck the lining into the pouch and Taa-Daa!  You can the add a ribbon to the zip pull - I found this little scissor charm to add to mine!

Until next time
Nanny xx