Designer Spotlight - introducing Gail Seymour from Gaila Designs


Today we would like to introduce you all to Gail from Gaila Designs.

Tell us about you:Gail_07 web size

For the last 20 years, I have been sewing for interiors through my business Gaila Designs. I learned to sew in 7th grade Home Economics and have not stopped since! I have an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising, a Master's in Clothing and Textiles and have specialized in home interior sewing for the last 2 decades. While interiors is my current specialty, I have made theatrical costumes, clothing, ice skating performance wear, swimwear, pet clothes, bridal accessories and just about anything made from fabric. I have an embroidery machine and several other specialty machines to help me make most anything my clients can dream up!  My latest passion is writing patterns to help you sew!

How did your business name come about?

Gaila Designs has been my business name from the start.  My first name is Gail, my middle initial is "a", and so Gaila Designs was born.  The only unexpected side effect of that combination is that people often call me Gaila thinking that is my first name!

il_570xN_317043826Tell us about your products:

I began designing patterns soon after I got a Nook for Mother's day.  I loved my new device, but the covers at the store were, well, boring!  I experimented with a few different styles of cases, but found that I really liked having a zipper closure to keep the reader from sliding out of the case.  I developed a super easy way to install the zipper and when I saw all the independant designers offering patterns on the internet, I jumped right in.  My top zip pattern was the first one I wrote.  It is very quick to construct but fits nicely so that an uncovered device is protected without increasing its size/bulk when you tuck it into your purse.  I had requests for an extra pocket, so I then designed the side zip pocket case with handles that is by far my best selling design.  It has room for a covered device and all your accessories too, very practical.  The square cover allows room to spare and the symmetrical shape allows for pattern centering, using a quilt square, and a nice look for a wristlet carried cover.

Where do you find inspiration:   il_570xN_362218836_vrzu

Often my designs are inspired by a fabric I love.  A beautiful pattern or design scale will give me an idea for a cover shape.  I also look at handbags and current fashion for new looks and unique details.

What does the future hold for you:

Moving forward I am planning to design fabrics that are engineered for my patterns.  In other words, designing motifs that will be centreed and scaled to just the right size for my device covers.  Learning the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop now and hope to have designs to share soon!

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