Ho Ho Ho! Only 5 Sleeps 'til Christmas!

Good Afternoon! :)
How are you going with your Christmas preparations?
Have you finished your shopping yet?
How about your Christmas sewing?
I love Christmas for so many reasons! But I do have one selfish reason. My hubby has a few weeks off and I get to sew cos he plays with the kids! Yaay!


On that note, have you checked out our fabulous Christmas Ezine? We have all of our amazing specials from Patterns Only as well as The Oz Material Girls in there!
There are heaps of NEW lines as well! All you need to do is follow the link below and you can click on the pics that interest you and it takes you right to the items!
Easy peasy right? :)

See anything you like? :)


Here is a fabulous weekend project pattern for you!
It's called the Play Mat Organizer Storage Tote from Cosy Nest and Cosy Nest Patterns are 40% OFF right now!


And how about some fabulous patterns from Nanoo Designs!
They are all an amazing 50% OFF right now!! :


Clares Place have a gorgeous range of quilt patterns!
And they are 30% OFF right now! :

Check out our Christmas Ezine for more fabulous bargains - there are HEAPS!! :)


1 comment:

  1. Yet it is, and I am quiet exited for it, can't wait. Wow a 30% off, well I love quilting, for me its the easiest way to emphasize your thoughts by means of different creative details and designs, actually currently I am dealing with my last quilt project, I am expecting to finish it before Christmas, I hope so.