Challenge Yourself in 2014!

Hi Everyone!
A new year always gets me thinking of things I want to achieve.
Do you have any new goals for sewing?
I found this quote today:
"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already
mastered, you will never grow" Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I really love it! So in that spirit, I am going to pledge to try a new pattern
every month! And not just a new one. But one that scares me!
I am not very experienced with either bags or softies and I am
petrified of zippers and curved lines in quilting! haha
So here are a couple I am tossing up between this month :
I have a confession in regards to my first pick. 
I bought this pattern from Patterns Only a couple of months ago. 
But I am being a zipper-scaredy-cat! There are  4 zips and it daunts me! 
It's the Play Mat Organiser Storage Tote by Cozy Nest.
Given that I already have the pattern this is a front runner :)
oooh! Here is a lovely one to challenge my curves fear!! 
It's called Curlicue Crush by Chasing Cottons :)
Hmmmm ... Now to find a softie that scares me. It's very hard - there are so many cute ones out there!! I think I will choose a favourite for myself! A cute little Unicorn called Bubbles! Bubbles is from Melly & Me and is very cute, yes!?
You should check out Melly & Me's range!! It's HUGE!!
I find it hard to choose just one bag pattern that scares me too! There are so many! And heaps of them in NEW ARRIVALS too! So I chose a new one.
It's the Drawstring Backpack from Dog Under My Desk, I think this would make a fabulous swimming bag for my little men! :)
Did you know you can buy some patterns in KITS too!? Takes some of the hard work out of the process for you :)
I might make this type of post a monthly occurrence and if I am really {REALLY!!} organised and actually get one finished in time, I will show off some pics next time! 

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  1. i love the idea of the first one :) i would love to give it a go