How About a Mid Week Mash Up?

We're not talking the vegetable variety here ;)
Do you always strictly follow patterns or do you change things?
I sometimes even do half of 2 patterns and mash them together!
As an easy option you can buy patterns that offer heaps of alternatives and add-ons in them already. You can find heaps of examples at Patterns Only.
BOO! Designs are great at Mash Ups with their range of 
Design Your Own patterns.
Take their original, classic Design Your Own Pinny
This gorgeous pattern offers 3 bodice, 2 closure and 2 length variations, so you have heaps of options.
How about the Design Your Own Zip It Dress also from BOO! Designs:
 It has even more variations with 4 skirt and 2 bodice options and even includes a piping tutorial. Imagine how many variations you could make!


Another pattern that is easily changed is the McKensie Dress from Nanoo Designs. You can add or omit pockets and panels for different looks :


There are even these shorts patterns you can change to suit 
both boys and girls! Like these:
These are the Shorty Shorts pattern from Little Bird Patterns :)


I think my last pattern could well be the poster child for mashing up patterns! {It even has the words in it's title! haha}
It's the Mish Mash Skirt from Pink Fig :
It is a fabulous base design and you can add some or all of the featured techniques to make a different look each and every time you make it :)
Next week we might look at Mashing 2 differnt patterns! If you'd like to see something in particular leave us a comment and we will try to help!
And of course, if you have made a mash up of some Patterns Only patterns or even using some Oz Material Girls fabrics we'd love to see them! 


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