Retro Style at The Oz Material Girls

“Retro style decorating usually has a fun, lively feel to it, with bright colors, wild designs and an overall sense of "flair". Just think back to the fabrics and textures during the 60's and you'll immediately get a sense of where your decor needs to go to truly capture the essence of retro style.

Because retro-style requires such a bold approach, it also requires a certain personality to pull it off. There's nothing laid-back or casual about retro-style decorating. On the contrary, it is loud, busy and most definitely "funky".” Retro Style Decorating

Retro is about design. Everything from bold graphics to funky paisley prints...
A funky design in brown, black and white tones with geometrical shapes, when you think of retro design, you can't get much bolder than this!

This funky new range by RHR, Harlequin, features many bold graphic elements - from mod flowers to geometric shapes - perfect for the modern retro-inspired look. Also available in red.

This funky design by Timeless Treasures features a geometrix design in orange and yellow tones. Very 60s.

We can't go retro without featuring a little paisley. Though this Allegora Paisley, made in Japan, features stylised paisley and flowers that are so soft and pretty.

And retro is about colour. Avocado greens, mustard yellow, red with black and white, hot pink, bright orange; a touch of retro colour will brighten up any living space.

This gorgeous design by Timeless Treasures is rich in lime, black and white tones, with lots of bold graphic elements including funky flowers and beautiful butterflies.

We see this funky design by Free Spirit and think of Nanna's kitchen in the 50s or 60s! How pretty it would be in a bedroom today.

Prairie Gothic Teasel & Lace by Free Spirit features large stylised sunflowers in tones of periwinkle, lavender, yellow, green, and turquoise on a midnight blue background. The sunflowers are 10 inches tall and vertical repeat is 14.5"- perfect for wall art or in your retro inspired quilt.

We couldn't leave our retro days behind without a little piece of hippy inspired free love. The pretty, bright colours and butterfly design are our tribute to the 70s.

Think retro, think 50s, 60s and 70s. Think bold, graphic designs and bright vibrant colours. Think inspiration from The Oz Material Girls!