Spotlight on...Saffron Craig

How lucky are we! Today we feature the very talented Saffron Craig and not only can you learn more about this inspirational designer but she has also provided an instructional video for making one of her gorgeous softies.

The Oz Material Girls stocks the gorgeous range of Saffron Craig fabrics in store. Including the cute-as-pie koala softie seen in the video and the latest range of Fantastic Fairies.

Tell us about you

I am a fabric designer, nature lover, mother of one beautiful girl, married and very happy. At the moment I love to catch a wave and dream. My fabrics are a direct expression of my dreamings and ideas. I also write a blog and spend hours making things, often into the wee small hours.

How did Saffron Craig come about

Saffron Craig, the name of my fabric label, is my own name. I find that people remember it easily so I like to use it for my designs. Originally, it was the name of my label when I was a fashion designer.

When I started to design and make quilts, I screen printed some fabrics myself to go into them and was captivated by the outcome. Then I hand printed yardage of 20 meters of each design in single colours. The business was born. Now I print multi-coloured fabrics, which have a wonderful soft handle and are wonderful to use.

Tell us about your products

My fabrics are designed in small ranges that work together to make into quilts or cushions, home wear, or even clothing. All my fabrics are 100 % cotton They are fun and whimsical. I try to keep the fabrics I design modern and I am hoping to inspire people to be creative with them, even attracting younger people to get creative and quilt. That's my wish.

I have two themes going through my fabrics ranges. One for children—the Owls and now the Fairies—and a more mature design style like the Fields range, and soon the Woodland Elementals.

What is your favorite product?

At the moment it's my Fairy range which includes 4 fabrics designs. I love these fabrics because they are close to my heart and I worked long hours to design them and have the fabrics produced.

I am loving working with the fabrics, using them to make things like quilts and girls dresses. Its fun and girly. I like to be surrounded by fairies, it's really inspiring.

I am dreaming of what I am going to make with the Woodland Elementals. I designed it in June so it has been a long time coming.

Where do you find inspiration for you new designs?

My inspiration comes mainly from my imagination. I tend to have a pretty magical world going on inside my head that I need to get down on paper. My natural environment, particularly trees and forests, play a big part as well. I am inspired by beauty, whether it be the curve of a tree trunk, a leaf lying on the ground, the colours in a sunset or a smiling face. I am very inspired by love too :)

What does the future hold for Saffron Craig?

I have a new fabric range coming out in March with strong design elements like geese and elks. I have called it Woodland Elementals. The colours are new for me as I am using purple and magenta on black. I am also looking at setting up printable PDFs and patterns. I'm also working on a children's book idea, which seems to be a natural next step in sharing my imagination.

How to make Saffron's softies:

1. Cut out the front and back together as one piece.
2. Fold over so the two sides match and the printed side of the fabric is on the inside (we'll turn it the right way once it's sewn up).
3. Pin all around to hold it in place.
4. Now sew along the edge of the softie and leave a gap open for stuffing. On the Koala a leg is best, on the Owl the ear works well. On the machine, sew it twice for strength.
5. Now cut excess fabric off about 1cm all around the seam, roughly where the dotted line is.
6. Make small incisions into this 1cm seam allowance all around. This will make for smoother edges.
7. Turn it inside out, so the printed side is now on the outside.
8. Use any stuffing or cushion insert to stuff the softie. Pack it nice and tight. I find using hand sized chunks works best. Use a pencil or similar to get into some of the small pockets like ears or paws.Once it's nearly full you can squash and move the filling into position.
9. Sew up the gap.
10. Give it a cuddle!

The Oz Material Girls stocks the gorgeous range of Saffron Craig fabrics in store. Including the cute-as-pie koala softie seen in the video and the latest range of Fantastic Fairies.