Dear Fii: Personalizing Your Softies

When I was asked to do a guest post for the blog I was thrilled. I wanted to share my thoughts on personalizing a softie.

One of the great joys of making things for those you love is making them unique. Adding your own special touches personalizes and gives an identity to your creation.
Pepper and Perle have very simple faces that are great blank canvases for some pretty stitches.
Different hair styles and cheek shapes all add to character, one of my favorite Peppers had hot pink hair!
Embellishing with ‘lazy daisy’ flowers, thread, ribbons, beads or buttons. Keep it as wild or as quiet as takes your fancy.

I love using DMC Perle 8 thread and playing with variegated and metallic threads. Obviously the use of buttons and beads need to be considered if the softie is intended for a small child.

Using a favorite colored fabric, some reclaimed baby clothes or other special piece of fabric is also a great way to make a softie special.

Burrito’s hands template is based on my sons hand he was 4 at the time. Getting a tracing of a small persons hand in your life or better still the hand of the intended recipient gives a beautiful personal touch.

Face shape, smiles, frowns eye shape and placement, the list goes on!

My biggest advices, enjoy the process, make mistakes and have fun!

Love Fii xoxox

Check out the range of Dear Fii patterns at Patterns Only and get personalising your softie today :)