Jinny Beyer Blenders: You'll be singing rainbows all day long!

We have introduced you to the Essential Jinny Beyer Colour Palette previously as a monthly subscription and are excited to announce that these 150 fantastic blender fabrics are currently being listed individually in store.

As a monthly subscription, the fabrics arrive right to your doorstep, each month we will send you one length of each of 10 designs, for15 months (available as 1/8th of a metre, 1/4 of a metre, 1/2 of a metre and 1 metre lengths).

You can also pick and choose your own fabrics from this stunning range, listed by the 1/2m and left continuous if more than 1 lot purchased. This is a fabulous range to build your own private collection of the most stunning blenders available to quilters and crafters.

There are beautiful colour ranges in shades of every colour imaginable.

So whichever way you purchase, you'll be singing rainbows all day long.