Something for Every Mum & A Giveaway Just for Her

At The Oz Material Girls we have gift ideas for every type of Mum this Mothers Day.

Ideas for the Organised Crafty Mum,

Perfect gifts for Mums who have *ahem* secret addictions,

Gifts for Mums who like to plan their projects,

Or why not buy Mum a subscription to one of our monthly Crafty Clubs? A gift that keeps on giving for months and months to come - surely that is a winner!

And the perfect gift for EVERY Mum, an Oz Material Girls gift voucher so that she can choose herself from our huge range in store!

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And because we too love our Mums we are giving one lucky reader the opportunity to truly spoil Mum this Mother's Day with a fantastic giveaway to win the ultimate sewing kit, valued at $100(Open to Australian readers only). We can even post it directly to her with a lovely card . Includes pattern, fabric, carry bag, sewing essentials and more
To enter you need to become a follower of The Oz Material Girls blog (click on the Follow Google Friend Connect in the left sidebar) and also our facebook Fan Page - then leave a comment telling us why you love your mum. Entries close 30th April,2010



  1. I am a follower!!! The reason I love my mom are numerous. First of all....she gave me life and raised me without killing me in the process (not an easy task!!!).

    She is a true inspiration for all of us. She became a paraplegic at the age of 72 from a virus and it has not changed her upbeat mentality in the least. I cannot go anywhere without someone she knows coming up to greet her and tell me what an inspiration she is to them. I am not so sure that I could be such a positive, non complaining person in the same condition.

  2. I love my mum because she is always there by my side. She held my hand through the births of my babies and held me when I was down. She never judges me or criticizes me when I do something wrong. She's truly my best friend

  3. I love my mum because not only is she my best friend, but she is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. She works 6 days a week in her own business and she always manages to have time for myself and my siblings as well as her 5 grandchildren! Her energy for life never ceases to amaze me!

  4. I'm a follower, love my Mom because she never,ever says anything bad about anyone else, but I'm not an Aussie :(

  5. I'm already following you. My Mum is my best friend. We share a lot with each other and she's always encouraging. I love that she is so generous and looks after people so well with hospitality. These are things I aspire to.

  6. I love my mum because she makes my bed... oh hang on, that's what I wrote in the 3rd grade on her mothers day card... she's never forgotten it :-)

    Mum is awesome. She's inspirational, encouraging and always there when I need her. She is the kind of mum that I strive to be, to my kids.

  7. I am a follower here and on facebook.

    I love my mum because... she's my mum!! My mum doesn't need to do anything to make me love her. I love her because she is mum. I would be lost if anything were to happen to her. Even though we are on opposite sides of the country, I can't live without her.

  8. My Mum is my hero. She worked by my dad She did everything he did. She milked cows, picked fruit. Summers saw her working picking so we could have uniforms for school. She sacrificed her last panadol when she was in pain and I had a broken arm. She lived a simple life so I could have the best she could give me. She's the most beautiful wonderful exapmle a MUM can be .

  9. I am a follower of your blog and FB fan page. I love my mum, she is a strong, independant woman who did an amazing job raising my brother and I as a single mum. She is an inspiration to us. Her love is unconditional and she is always there for me. She is now a wonderful grandmother too!

  10. I'm following and am a Facebook fan too. I love my mum for many things, among them the inspiration to sew. She always encouraged me and taught patiently skills that have been so useful and as we both get older we have become closer and closer as we share and compare our life experiences. I'm so thankful to have my mother around as a great friend.

  11. Hi i'm a facebook fan and i have also tweeted you!!!!
    What i love about my mum: for the last 23 years of her life she has sacrificed almost every piece of herself to raise myself 2 sisters and a brother!
    She has always been there for us whenever we asked and even when we didn't just because she always knew.
    And the thing is i never realized any of this or really appreciated her as much as i could have until i had my own children! LOVE YOU MUM ♥