Tutorial: Bias Basket Handles from Baskets in Bloom

This tutorial by Gail of Gail Pan Designs will help you form bias basket handles as featured in her book of designs, “Baskets in Bloom.”

Step 1: You will need a ¼” bias maker, 5mm fusible tape, some pins, template plastic and your iron. Choose a background fabric and a fabric for the basket.

Step 2: Trace around the inside of the basket handle onto template plastic. Cut out the shape on the line. Put aside for now.

Step 3: Cut a handle strip following the instructions, trimming a point at one end.

Step 4: Insert the fabric strip into the bias maker, using a pin to push it out of the tip. Then insert the fusible tape on the top side of the bias maker, make sure the fusible side is facing down onto the fabric.

Step 5: Use your iron to press the fabric strip and the fusible tape together, pulling slightly on the tape maker to draw the fabric through.

Step 6: You will end up with a bias strip ¼” wide with fusible tape on the wrong side. Peel the tape off carefully.

Step 7: Use your ruler to guide in placing the basket handle in the middle of the background fabric. Place a pin in the middle (I am doing this on the ironing board so the pins will hold the handle in place).

Step 8: Place the template under the handle and pin the handle around the template.

Step 9: Press gently and carefully with your iron, removing the pins as you go. Once the handle is fused to the background fabric, you can stitch in place. Place the basket body in place and applique.

Step 10: Finished!!

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