Designer Spotlight–Introducing Jennifer Paganelli from Sis Boom


Today we are thrilled to introduce Jennifer Paganelli, the very talented lady behind Sis Boom . Patterns Only stock the range of PDF ePatterns from Sis Boom and include stylish clothes for both adults and children.

Tell us about you?
"Oh I just try to live a very simple, honest, life.  I love my close friends and I am content to stay home with family and animals”

How did Sis Boom come about?""My twin brother Jimmy nicknamed me Sis Boom when I was little".

Tell us about your products
The Fabrics just keep getting better and that has so much to do with listening and being flexible to the demands of the market.
We love our patterns and our relationship with Carla Crim who writes the patterns is quite unique and very special. 
I adore creating product for the market pillows and rugs which my assistant Madeline handles with complete confidence.  I am responsible for artwork but Madeline makes it look great on a pillow/rug

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?
I'm an avid seeker and I think that's what makes any designer special.  I look in the art of Iron Gates or  even in the Festooning of a building. Everything intrigues me and I stay in awe of the world around me.  I try to strike a balance of accord with the outside and the inner spiritual place that exudes a Happy sensibility

What does the future hold for youThe future holds so much possibility and we are starting to see it as a big wide world with lots of opportunity..That being said american made would be the best possible outcome but may not make the most financial sense.  I am open to more licensing opportunities and the thought of manufacturing seems attainable.  Would love to also do more books.
At the end of the day it is about contentment and being the very best person I can be.


We would love to hear if you have used Sis Boom Patterns and what you love about them.