Let's Sew : How to make a basic shorts pattern

Hi!  Today I am going to show you how to make a simple pattern for a pair of elasticised waist shorts using a pair of elastic waisted shorts in the correct size.
Take your shorts and turn inside out. (They will sit better - the seam allowance in bought shorts is negligible so won't affect the outcome)  Pull one leg into the other and flatten. 
Trace around the outline. (black)
Make the sides straight.  Now add a seam allowance(at least 1/2") all around with a hem allowance at the bottom (1") and a casing allowance (1 and 1/4") at the top for the elastic. (pink)
On the side seam write 'Place on fold'
Cut out your pattern!!
In pants, you will notice that the front and back are different in the crotch area - this is to make for a comfortable fit around curves and bumps but with children's boxer shorts it is not as important because they don't really 'fit' anywhere!  So it's OK to make them the same!
Until next time
Nanny xx


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