Let's Sew 21 - 'LILY' Dolly

Today we are going to make a dolly to support the TSL DollyDrive for 2013.

 I have designed a simple doll that beginners will be able to complete.  I have called her Lily!

What you will need:
Pattern – you can download the Let’s Sew Dolly pattern here.  If you haven't yet joined us at Let's Sew, you will need to join us first here
Felt for the hair – colour of choice (you can get 2 dolls from a sheet of felt)
Fabric for the body.  This could be a calico or a quilters cotton. ( you will get 1 and 1/2 dolls from 1 FQ)
Embroidery threads – black, eye colour, lip colour  OR
Fabric pens
Erasable Pen for marking face details (I used a PILOT Frixon Ball - available at supermarkets in Australia)
Fabric for dress - 5 and 1/2" square
Lace trim - this is necessary to add length to the dress to make it 'modest' - you can just make a ruffle if you prefer

Let’s Sew!

Takel pattern and trace it off including the dots for the centre and the lines for the dress.
Take the pattern and trace it and the markings onto the back of the fabric (I used a pencil).  Add 1/4" for seams and cut out the doll shapes, back and front.

Tip:  An easy way to transfer the dots from the wrong side to the right side is to put a pin through the dot.  Turn the fabric over and mark where the pin comes through.

Using an erasable pen, trace the face details onto the front of the doll matching your centre points.

You can complete the face details by embroidering with 2 strands of embroidery floss or by using fabric pens.  Details for embroidery stitches here and here.

To start the embroidery, take 2 strands, tie a knot and start with your knot at least 4" away from the start (a waste knot - thanks Jenny).

eye outline - backstitch
eyelashes - single stitch                                    
eye - blanketstitch
nose - backstitch
mouth - backstitch

Take the hair pattern and cut a front and a back from the felt adding a ¼” seam allowance to the outside of the head.
Put hair piece onto doll head and, using the same colour thread, stitch in place around the face, close to the edge.  On the back, stitch along the neck line close to the edge.

Don't forget the part line on the back like I've done!

Take the lace and stitch it along the  hemline marked on the body.
Take the dress fabric square and turn the top and the bottom under about 1/8" to fit from the neck line on the pattern to the hem line.  Stitch it to the doll, front and back, close to the edge along both the neck and the hemline.
Fold under 1/8" down the sides and stitch close to the edge across the arms

Now turn it over and trim back to the doll shape.

Take the plait pieces and stitch two together down both sides. Then stitch 3 rows , evenly spaced (about 1/4").

Repeat for the other two pieces.

Trim the side stitching off and then snip up in the middle of the rows, stopping about an inch from the end.

You can now plait the hair and stitch across the end to secure (about an inch from the bottom)

Pin the plaits on each side of the head, with the
plait across the face to match the edges.  Stitch the plait to the doll.

Stitch on the line, around the top of the head for about 3" on both the front and back ( this is where the opening will be so it will help to have the felt and fabric stitched together)

With right sides facing, make sure the plaits are tucked in across the face and match up the dress neckline and hemline.

Stitch around the edge of the doll ¼” from the edge. Don’t forget to leave a 3” space for turning at the top of the head.  Repeat with a second row.

 Clip curves (I used pinking shears)

 and turn doll to right side.

 Roll seams between your thumbs and fingers.


Take the stuffing and stuff the legs tightly.  Work your way up the doll, stuffing firmly as you go.

Close the opening with ladder stitch by hand.

Well done!  That wasn’t so bad was it – maybe now you can go ahead and make some more!  It is for a great cause so Let's See how many Let's Sew can make for the Dolly Drive !!

Until next time
Nanny xx