Let's Sew 22 - Valentines Message Cushion

Good morning!

Today we are going to make a gorgeous heart cushion for Valentines Day (or in my case, a heart cushion for my grand daughter's bed).  It will give you the chance to use some scraps and try your embroidery!

What you need:

Choose the colour for your cushion and find some other fabric pieces to match in.
A 16.5" square of plain light weight cotton for backing - can be a light calico, poplin etc
Heart Pattern  download here  If you are not a member of Let's Sew you will need to join here first!
Lace, ribbon, embroidery threads, ricrac, etc

Let's Sew!

Join the pattern pages and trace off the sections.

Take the sections of the heart and select your fabric for each one. Make sure you have a plain fabric if you are going to write a message on the cushion itself.

NOTE:  If you are going to make the pocket, you need to fold the fabric so that there is a fold on the Number 4 edge and another at the bottom.
There is a fold under my thumb so it is like a back to front S

Place the pocket pattern so that the number 4 edge is above the top fold

Cut each section out allowing a 1/4" seam and 1/2" allowance around any of  the heart line (the cushion shape) like on section 8 for example


Starting with the centre piece, place it near the centre of the backing fabric - don't be exact as this method is supposed to look 'crazy'!
Take number 1 and place it over the Centre till you have the sides even.  Stitch. Flip open and press.
Trim away any excess as you go.  Take number 2 and place it right way up , in place to check you have it facing in the right direction, then flip it to sew.

Flip open and press

It was at this stage that I had planned to use some ric-rac so I am going to sew it on now. (That way, the ends will be enclosed) - You can sew ric-rac on by sewing down through the centre of the ric rac.  Some prefer to sew it on with a zigzag.

Continue adding the next piece and trimming with lace and ric rac if that is what you have planned.
Notice how I turned the same fabric to get different effect - stripe and floral stripe

Trim the shape to the pattern plus seam allowances.

Now comes the fun part!!  You can finish embellishing the heart with whatever you like.  I am going to do some embroidery stitches and use an iron on applique.  You can use any of the decorative stitches on your machine for a quick solution.

I collected a few sequins, beads,bits of lace and my embroidery threads and went to work!

 I had to make myself stop!  It really is fun and relaxing.

Now for the heart insert.  You may prefer to place a paper note in the pocket - the choice is yours!

Cut 2 small hearts from the pattern adding a 1/4" for seam.

I now used my erasable pen to write my message and using 2 strands of embroidery thread, I backstitched around the name.

With right sides together, sew around the heart, leaving a gap to turn through on the straight edge at the side.

Clip curves - use pinking shears if you have them.

Turn through, roll seams between fingers and thumbs and press.

Stuff well and close with Ladder Stitch.

Pop your 'message' in the pocket and have a lovely Valentines Day!

Until next time
Nanny xx